Blog #5

So, tell me why you are so busy all the time

First of all, let me be clear from the outset: I don't consider myself as a busy person. Yeah, I know all cool people are kinda always busy and don't happen to have time for fun. I don't want to sound like a candid one, but I am not and have never been fond of such people. Whenever you want to talk with them or just need their help, they are like "Huh, I have more important stuff to do, sorry. Maybe next time?".

Darn, I hate that catchy phrase so much though I already got used to it. At least, I appreciate them not being ruthless, otherwise, the answer would have been something like "I don't care, leave me alone".

Ok, let's get back to the point. Last fall, I started my 12th year of school at Spectrum International School, instead of going directly to the university. I am planning to finish 2-year British Curriculum in 1 year. Luckily, I have some decent background in Physics, Maths, and Computer Science as I am going to take AS/A-Level exams on Pure Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, and ICT by the end of this school year.

I also started interning remotely at Zero To One Labs in September. While working, I passed some cool courses at Udemy such as React Native and Node.js. Recently, I started studying Block Chain and became intrigued in this course at Coursera from Princeton University.

Most of my time I spend at school. Founded a programming club where I teach students C++ and JavaScript. Became a member of student council and organize Talk events twice a month. Member of Editorial Board of a school newspaper because of which I write eye-catching articles about programming or Computer Science, conduct another interview with a student or a teacher, look for some logical math problem, find catchy fun facts, and so on. Every Saturday, I train with School Varsity Football Team for forthcoming COASH competitions.

All of them sounds like very mundane and typical life of a senior, right? But, believe me, it's not!

By the way, I spontaneously competed in Astana Model United Nations (ASTMUN) last month. Was lucky enough to win the second place as an Outstanding delegate on a topic of "Legality of Counter-Terrorism" as a delegate of Singapore. Don't want to sound brash, but it took a whole week to research about political position of Singapore on the matter of Counter-Terrorism. As a new entrant, I really liked the whole format of a competition.

What else? Oh yeah, I recently met up with Sergazy, a senior at Nazarbayev University, to work on a project in tandem. At first, I felt so jumpy and was not confident in my skills. Fortunately, things got much better very soon, though there is still a huge workload on my shoulders.

P.S. Check out some stuff my friends and I did in Photoshop and Flash animation maker last week on ICT.