Blog #4

I was honored to be an author of the hardest problem (level Expert) on Week of Code 36

Sorry for spoilers by the way. But that was a good clickbait, right? ;)

Okay, you can find the problem by clicking this link. I submitted this problem to HackerRank with the help of my friend, Birzhan. As I was 17 at that time, I couldn't legally "work" for HackerRank.

Basically, the problem asks you to code a persistent Convex Hull Trick to answer queries of type of online. To achieve that, you need to program persistent stack with some data structure on tree to find K-th vertex on a path.

Sounds so cool and beautiful, right? Nothing can compare to my sheer exuberance when I came up with this problem!


P.S. You can find more detailed solution here. In the meantime, enjoy the photo that I took myself at Shymbulak. Google it, if you want know to where it is.