About me

Hello, my name is Nurbakyt.

Because we're lack of a platform where anyone could have an access to archives of past Kazakhstani Olympiads (or at least we had a website "olympiads.kz", which is now outdated), it caused a big problem for anyone who wanted prepare using past problems. As a person who committed quite enough time to competitive programming, I know that most of prospective students preparing to National/International Olympiads tend to use past archives. Because of it this website was created.

If you want to contact me regarding anything in this website, just email me. :)

If you was interested to see my experience in competitive programming, though I am not quite the experienced one, you can check my accounts in different CP websites.
Codeforces   Topcoder   HackerRank   HackerEarth   Codechef

You can also check the problems/contests in which I was part of the setting process.
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By the way, if you get annoyed of everything, you can check out some "cool" pictures I took sometimes here.